Tropical buckeye butterfly 강동오피 강동건마 오피쓰 OPSS2.COM

Tropical buckeye butterfly  is a Neotropical nymphalid butterfly found from Florida and the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, to tropical and subtropical South America. The type locality is Suriname, and numerous subspecies have been described. The synonymy is extensive, and older literature must be used with caution. The butterfly is easily confused with Junonia genoveva, which is also known as the mangrove buckeye.Tropical buckeye butterfly


Author: 강동오피 강동건마 오피쓰 OPSS2.COM

강동 유흥의 지존 에서는 모든 밤문화의 궁금증을 해결해 드리고 있으며,전국 최다 제휴 업소 정보와 실사 후기 및 풍성한 볼거리를 제공하고 있습니다

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